Digital Library

Today, libraries are changing very fast. Most of the content is either produced in Digital format or transformed in Digital Format. Now a days, students tend to access content more in digital format using tablets, laptops, mobiles and similar devices. There is explosion of information due to advancement in information technology. To turn this information into knowledge, students needs some assistance. Also some guidance is required to access online content using internet.

This creates a challenge before traditional libraries having paper based content in the forms of books, journals, magazines and so forth. Numbers of users accessing hard copies of books and journals is reducing constantly where as there is a tremendous demand for digital version of same.

Thus, traditional libraries are expanding into Digital Libraries. As we observed, technology is biggest challenge during this expansion phase.

We assist students and staff , to find right information and provide this information using Digital Library Services. With help of well organized databases of books , e journals and various audio visual content , any one can get information needed for his / her study.

We help institutes , to make this transformation smooth. We provide all necessary technology support including trained manpower to setup , manage and operate Digital Libraries at your Institute. If you are looking for Digital Library solution for your institute , please drop us a message. We can definitely share our knowledge with you to setup and manage Digital Library at your end.

We are providing Digital Library Operations and Management services since 2008.